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UNO Pure - Ultra Finishing Polish

by Rupes

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UNO PURE stands as an ultra-fine abrasive polish crafted for compatibility with all tool types. Harnessing cutting-edge abrasive technology, its proprietary formula achieves unparalleled optical clarity and reflectivity. Tailored for very soft or haze-prone paints, it excels in delivering a show car finish. With no fillers, user-friendly application, and effortless wipe-off, UNO PURE guarantees an exceptional user experience. Its body shop-safe formulation renders it the perfect solution for achieving ultra-fine finishing across a multitude of applications.


  • Universal across all BigFoot Polishing System Movements
  • Smooth user experience with easy wipe-off
  • Unmatched finishing quality, even on the softest paint systems
  • Validated for all paint types, including single-stage, clear-coat, hard, soft, or sticky paints
  • No intentional filling ingredients or protection properties. Leaves the finish ìPUREî and ready for the application of a protective product
  • For best results, use RUPES Ultra-Fine White Finishing Foam Pads