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We have a great selection of suede microfiber bags for customization and organization. 

The [Swag Sack] is a car detailing bag designed to be customized with your company logo, so that you can offer your detailing customers a procured kit of Autofiber, ADG, and Manett's Products. 

The [Sort & Store] car wash bucket organizers are for separating and organizing your detailing towels by task. The fit easily in a 5 gallon bucket (for easy filling), have a draw string closure, and are labeled with various towel groupings (like paint, drying, glass, and wheels). They are ideal for mobile detailers or smaller shops who have limited space for storage. 

The [Dirty Towel Separator] fits into a standard 32 gallon trash can and divides it into 4 sections, with the internal baffles. This allows detail shops to easily separate and quarantine their dirty towels by use and chemicals used.