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[Scrub Ninja Max] Interior Scrubber Mitt - 1 pack


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We have improved the revolutionary Scrub Ninja, by adding the nylon scrub brush material to both sides (a much-requested feature improvement).

Scrub interior vehicle surfaces like plastic, leather & vinyl clean with the brush-like, bristle-type nylon material. The firm but gentle fibers scrub deep into surface pours and contours.  The black and white sides are the same material and can be used for tracking which side you used. Use the Scrub Ninja Max car interior scrubber with your favorite cleaner and wipe away residue with a clean microfiber towel. The large hand mitt size is great for large open areas, like bench seats or dashboards.

Care Instructions: Rinse out the pad in cool water. Can be cleaned with diluted APC or Micro-Restore. Rinse thoroughly. Let air dry. 

1 pack



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