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[Saver Sheet] Coating Applicator Towel with Barrier Layer (8 in. x 8 in.) - 12 pack

SKU TX520GYG8-12

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We have taken our patent pending Saver Applicator Barrier Layer Technology, and applied it to coating towels. 

Designed for use with spray coatings and sealants. Make your products go further and apply more evenly. Use up to 50% less product!

Spray the product directly into the towel (rather than on to the surface being applied to) and apply by wiping. 

Each 8"x8" sheet is the same size as a standard 16"x16" towel folded twice. 

Our patented hydrophobic layer is laminated between two sheets of microfiber prevents the product from soaking through to the other side. More product is applied to the surface.

The sheets are stiffer than a normal microfiber towel, making them more user friendly for product application. 

Two-tone design to keep track of each side that has been used. 

Since most of these products will make your towels hydrophobic after one application, this is a low cost way to apply the product with a small disposable towel. 

Can be used for application and/or leveling. 

  • 8"x8"
  • 70/30 blend
  • 2 x 270gsm (540gsm total)
  • Made in China