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[Saver Disc & Refill] Coating Applicator Handle Strap and Refill Sheets with Barrier Layer (6 in.) - 12 pack


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The Saver Disc & Refill

  • Barrier Layer Technology - Less Product Waste
  • Faster Application - Larger surface area
  • Replaceable Refills - Reduce waste & Cost
  • Stop Dropping Your Applicator - Easy to control disc with strap

The Saver Disc & Refill comes with a round handle with an adjustable hand strap and disposable microfiber sheets. The sheets attach with hook and loop for easy attachment and removal. Each sheet has a black Velcro side and color Microfiber side, with our patent pending barrier layer inside to increase product application efficiency.

The larger size is great for coating larger vehicles and surfaces, like boats, RV’s and planes. Great for applying dressings, conditioners and coatings to non-paint surfaces, like leather, plastic, vinyl and glass. Can be used with a dual action machine with a foam interface pad.

  • 6.25" Diameter
  • 70/30 blend
  • 270gsm Microfiber + Barrier Layer + 300gsm Polyester Velcro
  • Made in China