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iBrid Nano Polisher Longneck Kit


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Versatility is the defining characteristic of the BigFoot Nano with iBrid Technology. This remarkable tool offers the flexibility to function on either battery or corded power, seamlessly switching between a 3mm or 12mm random orbital mode, and even an on-center rotary mode. In its compact, ergonomically designed form, the BigFoot iBrid Nano polisher becomes the ultimate edge-work companion, enabling operators to navigate and address challenging spaces, intricate details, and areas that larger tools simply cannot access.

  • 1x HR81ML Long Neck Nano polisher
  • 1x  Systainer tool case (9.CASEIII)
  • 1x  AC-DC adapter (9HP120LT)
  • 2x  Rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs (9HB120LT)
  • 1x  Battery charger  (9HC120LT)
  • 6x 1.25" Coarse foam pads  (9.DA40H)
  • 6x 1.25" Fine foam pads  (9.DA40M)
  • 4x 2" Coarse foam pads  (9.DA70H)
  • 4x 2" Fine foam pads  (9.DA70M)
  • 1x 250ml Coarse compound  (9.DACOARSE250)
  • 1x 250ML Fine compound  (9.DAFINE250)
  • 1x Rotary Extension Shaft
  • 1x  Rotary functional unit  (562.390)
  • 1x  3mm orbit functional unit  (581.390/C)
  • 1x  12mm orbit functional unit  (58.390/C)
  • 1x 30mm/1.25in velcro backing plate  (995.001)
  • 1x 50mm/2in velcro backing plate  (996.001)
  • 1x 30mm/1.25in vinyl backing pad  (997.001)
  • 1x Horsehair brush  (9.BF3000)
  • 1x Nylon brush  (9.BF3030)
  • 1x 35mm P2000 sanding disc  (9.45520)
  • 1x 35mm P3000 sanding disc  (9.45530)
  • 1x Blue microfiber towel  (9.BF9050)
  • 1x Yellow microfiber towel  (9.BF9060)