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Rotary Coarse Compound

by Rupes

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With powerful rotational forces generating considerable heat and friction on the surface, rotary polishing poses formidable challenges for compound development. However, our team has met this challenge head-on with the RUPES BigFoot Rotary Coarse Compound, offering an unparalleled solution for eliminating sanding marks while ensuring a smooth operational experience. This compound delivers aggressive cutting action to remove sanding marks and severe surface defects, all without excessive dusting or pad chatter.

Designed to complement RUPES' color-coordinated coarse blue rotary polishing foams, the BigFoot Rotary Coarse Compound effortlessly eradicates P1500 sanding scratches, even on the toughest paint systems. This remarkable performance is achieved through the use of premium abrasives densely packed into every drop of the compound. Developed, formulated, blended, and manufactured entirely in-house by RUPES, the Rotary Coarse Compound maintains uncompromising quality standards, utilizing only the finest raw materials and undergoing rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistently exceptional performance.