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Performance Cut Compound

by Jescar

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Performance Cut Compound is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between heavy compounding and single-stage polishing. The formula offers remarkable cutting power, effectively removing imperfections while maintaining the surface's integrity. This innovative abrasive technology not only elevates performance standards but also transforms efficiency, enabling both enthusiasts and professionals to achieve pristine results with remarkable ease and precision.

Featuring a dynamic 'Cut to Finish' capability, PCC transitions smoothly from aggressive cutting to fine refinement. It addresses everything from severe defects to subtle enhancements, combining the benefits of two distinct products into a single solution.

With it's impressive versatility, adapting to your specific needs and delivering outstanding results with any type of polishing pad. 

The formulation significantly reduces dust production, providing a cleaner, more efficient polishing process. The state-of-the-art abrasive technology also minimizes surface heat during use, which is crucial for precise defect removal without damaging the paint's integrity. This heat management allows for detailed correction without putting undue stress on the paint.

Wipe0off is effortless, leaving a pristine surface without the need for excessive wiping, thus reducing the risk of accidental scratches.

Additionally, it is body shop safe, adhering to the high standards of professional settings. Free from harmful silicones, fillers, or solvents, Performance Cut Compound is compatible with all paint systems, including OEM and refinished surfaces.

Performance Cut Compound sets a new benchmark in both professional-grade and DIY automotive finishing products. By leveraging the latest in abrasive technology, it exemplifies Jescar’s commitment to perfection and dedication to enhancing every aspect of automotive care.