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Oberk Supreme Microfiber Cutting Pad

by Oberk

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The Oberk Supreme Microfiber Cutting Pad, available in 3.25, 5.25, and 6.25 inches, is constructed with a blend and denier of Korean microfiber fabric to provide maximum cutting power, yet is gentle enough to finish like a foam polishing pad. The unique blend of fibers at the optimum pile length reduces matting and clogging of the pad, providing a superior user experience. The European foam core has the optimum weight and density to make this pad the most versatile in the Oberk lineup and is perfect when combined with Oberk Supreme Cut Compound but works with all types of polishes. The ¾ in. center hole helps to eliminate and expel heat as the pad is working at high speeds.

State of the art bonding adhesives provide extreme durability for a long-lasting pad. This microfiber cutting pad is easy to clean by hand, with compressed air, pressure washer or pad washer. Machine washing is okay, but not suggested as it will reduce the lifespan of the pad.

Made in the USA of South Korean and European Components.