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LL200 Swirl Finder LED Light


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Introducing the LL200 Swirl Finder Flashlight, meticulously crafted to serve detailers and body shops with an indispensable portable inspection tool. Engineered with a 4000K color temperature, our LL200 faithfully replicates sunlight, providing optimal conditions for surface examination.

Enhanced with a new 240-lumen LED, alongside expanded luminous flux dimensions and improved optics curvature, the LL200 ensures optimal light reflection on surfaces. This illumination reveals imperfections such as sanding marks, pig tails, and swirls across a broader spectrum of colors and paint types.

By augmenting luminous flux, amplitude, and optics curvature compared to its predecessor, we've crafted a precision instrument for surface inspection, irrespective of paint color. Moreover, the focus feature allows users to tailor the light beam's spread based on the area under analysis.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the LL200 guarantees five hours of continuous operation at consistent intensity. Its enlarged diameter ensures a secure grip, while the robust housing offers durability and protection in diverse working environments.