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IK Foam Pro 12

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The IK FOAM Pro 12 is a professional-grade sprayer engineered for generating dry and long-lasting foam. Designed to work with chemical agents that contain surfactant properties, this sprayer is the ideal solution for a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing applications.

With its ability to produce a dense and permanent foam, the IK FOAM Pro 12 is perfect for professional cleaning, and auto detailing.


  1. Follow the dilution ratio recommended by the foaming agent you are using.
  2. Pressurize the sprayer until the safety valve pops out.
  3. Make sure the felts are clean.


  • Valve: 4-bar / 58 psi setting with automatic pressure release option
  • Hose: 1.3m / 51 inches
  • Standard nozzles: Special nozzle with fan-type foam
  • Lance: 47cm / 18,5 inches fibreglass
  • Useful capacity: 6l. – 1,58 U.S. Gals.
  • Total capacity: 10l. – 2,64 U.S Gals.
  • Gross weight: 2,99 Kg – 6,59 lbs.
  • Net weight: 2,57 Kg – 5,66 lbs.