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Grit Guard Washboard


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The Grit Guard Washboard connects to the Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert and gives you a vertical surface to agitate your wash sponge, mitt, pad, towel or mop. As you rub downward contaminates are loosened from your wash medium and fall to the bottom of the bucket, under the Grit Guard Insert. 

Small dirt, grit and grime particles from your wash sponge are the root cause of scratches and swirls in your vehicles finish. When you use the Grit Guard Washboard together with the Grit Guard Insert you are insuring a clean, scratch-free wash mitt every time you go back to the bucket for water.

Potentially harmful dirt settles in the bottom of the bucket, underneath your wash bucket grit guard, keeping it away from your mitt and away from your paint, minimizing the risk of scratching and swirl marks.