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Fur-eel Pro II (ver. 2.0) - Pet Hair and Sand Remover Vacuum Attachment Kit


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The Fur-eel PRO ll (version 2.0) by Buffbrite, a remarkable pet hair removal tool renowned for its exceptional performance. This upgraded version boasts an impressive longevity, lasting ten times longer than its predecessor. Equipped with teeth that are 300% longer and enhanced side venting, it generates a substantial amount of positive airflow, ensuring efficient removal of pet hair from any surface.

What's more, this versatile tool is designed to fit most standard crevice tools, and with the addition of the Fang Adapter, it seamlessly integrates with most home central vacuum systems, further expanding its range of applications. As a bonus, the order includes the Free Fang Pack Kit, making it an ideal starting point for your Buffbrite collection.

Don't wait any longer! Place your order today and experience the unrivaled performance of the Fur-eel PRO ll pet hair remover vacuum attachment.


  • 1 - Fur-eel PRO ll (version 2.0)
  • 1 - Fang Adapter
  • Removes the hair from any surface


  • 10X longer than the last model
  • 300% longer teeth
  • Increased side venting
  • Made from polymeric silicone