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D-A Coarse Polishing Compound

by Rupes

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D-A COARSE, a high-performance compound by RUPES, is engineered to effectively eliminate defects while delivering an impressive finish across various surfaces. Continuing the tradition of the BigFoot polishing system, D-A Coarse offers rapid cutting, exceptional finishing capabilities, and a smooth operator experience, with minimal dust and effortless wipe-off. This compound is meticulously formulated to optimize the polishing prowess of all dual-action polishers, including random orbital and gear-driven tools, and pairs seamlessly with RUPES BigFoot polishing pads. Utilize RUPES D-A Coarse Compound in conjunction with BigFoot D-A Coarse blue foam pads, D-A wool pads, or microfiber pads to eradicate sand scratches up to 1500 grit on most automotive paints, gelcoat, and similar surfaces. The formidable cutting prowess and unexpectedly high level of finish quality achieved with RUPES D-A Coarse make it an ideal solution for automotive clear coats, gelcoat, lacquer, and numerous other surfaces across various industries.