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[SHIELD] Interior Surface Protective Coating - Pint (16 oz.)

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Size: Pint (16 oz.)


American Detailer Garage Shield is a water based interior protectant that shields interiors from harmful UV rays that lead to premature discoloration, cracking, and fading. The anti-static properties repel dust, water, body oils, stains and soils. Shield is more than just an interior dressing, it penetrates the pours and forms a coat of long lasting protection. 

Shield spray on protective coating provides a true matte finish look to vinyl, rubber, plastics and leather. Once it is applied there will be a noticeable difference in the surface tension of the material.  Feel the difference! 


Shield can be sprayed directly onto the surface or sprayed into a microfiber towel, when applied. Avoid spraying directly on LCD screens and other sensitive electronics. 

Always test on an inconspicuous spot first. 

Made in the USA