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Flip Towels

The Flip Series microfiber car cleaning cloths are constructed so that they are pre-folded and configured to make wiping easier. Each microfiber car wash rag fits perfectly in your hand. When the section of the towel you are wiping with becomes saturated or soiled, you can flip over or turn the towel inside out for a clean wiping section. 

This design ensures that you use proper wiping technique, switching to clean towel surfaces. It also makes the car wash rag more compact, and easy to handle. You can place your hand inside the car wash and cleaning cloth sections and use it as a mitt

Another advantage to this design is it helps the towel resist folding in your hand, from the friction created, as you wipe. A common problem on surfaces like glass. 

Some versions have 4 towel sections (8 wiping surfaces), and some have 2 towel sections (4 wiping surfaces)